Friday, June 11, 2010

Living Room Tour

As promised here is the first tour of our current home.  I've chosen to highlight the things that I love about the living/dining room, some of which can be recreated elsewhere and some that can't.

This view is good for the soul.  The Cedars stay green all year long and sway in the wind.  We also watch the squirrels jump from tree to tree and the birds singing from the branches.  Chickadees came and ate from our bird feeder in the winter too.  And several times now we've seen a Stellar's Jay on the balcony railing.  Stellar's Jays are the provincial bird of British Columbia.


It has been so nice to have a working fireplace even though we've had some not so great moments with it.  This was my second home with a working fireplace and this one had a mantle of sorts which I enjoyed decorating despite its makeshift nature.  By makeshift I mean that the former tenants bolted glass shelves to the existing wood mantle beam and we've had some accidents to prove that it may not have been the best solution for more display space.  Our new home does not have a fireplace so we'll miss this one.

The little TV nook area was a challenge to decorate.  But it did lead us to find the TV stand that I still really like.  (our toy storage is still a work in

I have wonderful memories attached to this shelf display.  Dave actually made a spreadsheet to decide what arrangement he liked the best.  His meticulous Virgo nature came out full force in this but I think he did a great job.  We'll bring these shelves with us and I'm curious to see what shape they will morph into next. 

This piece is what I will miss the most from this room.  A lovely built in display cabinet with storage for linens, candles and photo albums below.  The china looks so nice in there.  Obviously we will get another hutch type piece someday but this one came ready made.  Do you think they'd notice the huge hole in the wall if we took it with us? 

So that's the end of the tour for today.  I feel grateful that I'll have this record for Ky and for my own memory's sake.  As a visual person I can recall almost every place I've lived in but this is more concrete and much more personal than just clicking through photos in a folder.  Have a great weekend.

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