Monday, June 28, 2010

Outdoor Challenge

We were outside today and though it still doesn't feel much like summer here Ky found things to keep himself busy.  He rode his tricycle for a while and then decided to pull it around after him while he hunted for buttercups (once the dandelions disappeared he moved on to buttercups.)

While camping last week he constantly had a buttercup in his hand.  He likes to hold flowers and rocks these days.  During the winter it was sticks and rocks but he's lost interest in sticks for the time being.

Here he is pulling his trike around today.


Anonymous said...

What a sweet moment! And my son has that very same tricycle!

Mica said...

wow he has some cool wheels there! What a sweet pic. and treasured moments...even with buttercups. nice to meet you. Mica/The Child's Paper