Thursday, June 17, 2010

Let it be

This week is tumbling towards our big camping adventure.  You may remember last year's adventure and we are headed back to the little island of delights Saturday morning.   I've been struggling with getting into a groove with my posts this month.  I lost my camera as well which has put a damper on my posting ability.  Hopefully that will be remedied before we head out because I would love to share photos of our adventure.

The weather is certainly not helping my creative spirit these days.  Grey skies, chilly nights....where is our summer?  As the longest day approaches I can't help but notice that I really get off kilter at this point in the earth's journey around the sun.  I feel frustrated by that since I want to embrace every season and take the good and bad that each offers.  But a vacation will help with that.  A change of scenery to pull me out of the day-to-day that has become a bit overwhelming the last few weeks.

The only thing I know so far about my solstice plans is that I'll be taking a yoga class in view of the beach in the morning.  The rest of the day will play out according to its own rhythm.  I look forward to the sea air and seeing my boys enjoying spending their days together.  I'm going to try making bannock for the first time. 

I feel quiet and pensive these days.  Perhaps I retreat this way when big changes are in the works, as I take time to adjust and recalibrate.  Perhaps once we get some heat I'll be able to loosen the tight feeling in my muscles and let things be.  That's what I'll be looking for as the days grow to their longest and then so soon begin their recession again.  To just let it be...


Anonymous said...

I look forward to hearing about your bannock making adventures. I'd never heard of it before...thanks for sharing the video :)

Rue said...

Yoga on Midsummer morn sounds divine!