Wednesday, November 19, 2008

November so far...

Wow it has been quite a month for us. I have so many things plunking around in my head that it is almost impossible to pick a starting point. But I'll just dive in I guess, sorry this could be a long one.
The month began with the birth of Heidi's baby boy. You may remember that we had her blessingway in September (which seems like eons ago now). She gave birth to a 9lb boy on her own birthday. The birth was quick, and so I did not make it there in time. After much deliberation by his parents his name is: Lucian. We are so happy to have another boy to add to our heart family. He is adjusting well and the new family of four is too.
Weather wise the beginning of the month brought us lots of rain. Not unusual for this part of the world at this time of year, but it was torrential at times and some gutter/roof problem brought rain into our fireplace and half of our bedroom floor. During that time we slept in the guest room; to avoid the musty smelling carpet, changing bins of soot filled water out of the fireplace every ten minutes; lets just say it was challenging. That was cured by putting a tarp over the whole chimney area, and our carpet was cleaned. I hope that we can have a fire for Solstice but we'll have to wait and see...
The last week has been gorgeous for weather. Crisp fall days...which we don't usually get here. On Monday Dave and Ky and I went for a lovely walk. We came home with rosy cheeks. Ky and I walked yesterday to have tea with an old friend of mine. And again this morning we walked to the park so he could have a swing. He is nursing a cold though, so we didn't stay long.
Yesterday we had such a lovely morning, followed by a horrible afternoon. I turned my head for that proverbial second and Ky rolled off the change table! Oh my goodness I was so horrified. He landed on his back and head really hard. He let out a scream, that scared, hurt sound that sent my stomach into knots. He landed so hard that I was worried he may have a concussion. So I called Dave and he came home from work. We called the Nurses Hot Line and they recommended that we take him in to a doctor to be looked at. The doctor said he was fine, but to watch for symptoms of concussion. He has been fine today, I am so grateful that he was not badly hurt. The buckle now goes on as soon as I get him on the change table. I feel terrible about it. There is no excuse for making such a stupid mistake.
I have decided that I have difficulties on my odd years. What I mean by that is that tomorrow I turn 31. Now last year my birthday flew by. I was pregnant and had just moved, there was too much going on to reflect or turn inward. But I remember feeling like this the year I turned 27 and 29. This self-reflective and somewhat critical energy. I have been down on myself more than usual lately. I don't really care about aging, its not a mortality thing, just a malaise in my skin. I am dealing with these feelings in various ways: I planned and followed through with a ritual for the first time since June, I've chosen a course of spiritual study to keep my spiritual side challenged, and I'm working on my Autumn pillows. Yule plans are keeping me busy and I have started training for an at-home job. Mostly I'm trying to keep positive and let the negativity wash through me. I don't want to hold on to it, or store it anywhere in my body.
Tomorrow friends are coming over and we are having Thai food. Yum........challenges or no, 31 looks like it will be ok.


mrsb said...

Good heavens, don't be hard on yourself for this one. Every parent alive will have some sort of "oops, I screwed up and my baby got hurt/almost got hurt/wandered off" story. If they don't, they are insanely over protective or lying!

silverstarsanctuary said...

I rolled off the changing table when I was little too and I am fine. :) I guess they said if I was crying I was ok. Lovely tree photo!

Janet said...

I've had a few "oops"'s with Naimah too when she first started crawling and I didn't know she could crawl yet. One time she fell off the couch and hit her head on a tiled floor, and another time she toppled over some pillows and fell off the bed. Both times I felt that same sick feeling that you described.

I myself cut my head open on the fireplace hearth at my grandma's place when I was 5 and I turned out fine, although I have a nice scar running through one of my eyebrows because of it ;)

Sorry to hear about your chimney fiasco, that must have been awful!

Hope you manage to have a happy birthday :)

Janet said...

ps, I'm glad Ky is okay!

Penny said...

Welcome to "Mommy Guilt", at least Ky fell on a carpeted floor and he is ok. Babies are resiliant and bounce back pretty quickly. You're a fantastic mother, which is evident to everyone who sees the way you two interact and the bond you have. As for Scorpio moms who have Capricorn kids, you could write that chapter and Ky is so lucky to have you as his Mom :)

This Guy said...

OMG do not be too hard on yourself. Your mother dropped you, my mother dropped me, my sister just dropped hers last week. We've all dropped and been dropped. We're fine. Babies are SO resistant!

That sucks about your chimney!! I know that musty smell in the carpet too - my bedroom in the basment flooded once.... Not fun! Glad you got it all cleaned up tho! :)

Ps. That wasn't too long of a post - I've had longer comments from you than that! hehehhe ;)