Thursday, June 24, 2010


Yes, I must say that I am.  There is little chance to be uptight when you are surrounded by ocean, trees, eagles, good friends, laughing children and fresh air.  Once again we had such a good time on Hornby Island.  We visited a few other little towns on Vancouver Island as well and Ky had his first stay in a hotel.

The bannock turned out well.  I only now realized that I didn't take a picture...but the logistics were the only hard part.  We discovered it was definitely a two person job to flip bread in an iron skillet!  Yoga looking out onto the beach on Solstice morning was so refreshing.  My body felt cleansed and loose and restored after.  It is always a pleasure to discover new teachers of yoga since they can expand your view of your practice and open your mind to something you've never thought of before.   We ended our Solstice with a beach side fire and chants to the ocean.  And after camping was over just because the boy is all about them we found some trains to look at and ride on.  Who knows next year he could be on to something else so we'll get the most out of this interest while we can.

I feel renewed and ready to move forward.  There is lots to do and I certainly feel that this struggle I've had to post over the last two months is dwindling.  There will be they come....I sense their approach.  Thanks for sticking with me through a small dry spell there.  And here are some images of our trip.

In case you were wondering I was a lucky girl and received a very early birthday present of a new camera.   Nothing fancy mind you, just a good quality point and shoot that I can use to my heart's content.   I must say that at this time my heart is content.  Vacations can be magical things.

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Rue said...

It looks like you had a wonderful holiday. I'm glad the yoga was such a good experience.

I love the feeling I get when camping. All that fresh air is just the best medicine!