Tuesday, December 20, 2016

On Hiatus

I have decided to put this blog on hiatus for the time being.  It holds 8 years of not only my life but that of my family as well.  Time constraints and a lack of desire to share our personal story in a world that has become full of everyone's personal stories have led to this decision.
Hiatus seems the best way to let this stand as a testament to the past and also leave it open if I choose to share more some day.
I will continue to blog on my website:  www.jenniejohnston.com regarding my art and life as they entwine in that regard.
I thank all who have read over the years and still click through now and then.
I am mostly on Instagram now where you can find me as jmj1177.
And my Etsy shop has my artwork for sale: Jennie Johnston Art.