Friday, March 27, 2015

March: Equal

Being one of the months that brings us the day and night in balance often makes March a positive time.  As the month winds down I am reflecting on how the longer hours of light change our very nature.  All of a sudden we are such busy bees and we try to pack more into our days.  Or at least that is what I do.  A to-do list that was ambitious in January is just not enough in March.  

Dave and I are both stretching the possible for ourselves.  How much can you accomplish today, this week, this month?  Oh, sure I'll add one more thing, I'm sure I have time for that.  And then the inevitable sinking feeling in your stomach happens and you start to get a bit nervous that you have bitten off more than you can chew.  The list in your head or on paper or if you are fancy, on your cool app list thingy becomes rather daunting and you run the risk of avoiding it at all cost.  

But the light in its in your face brightness gives you a tiny bit more energy.  You dig deep, you cross off one thing at a time.  You delegate (maybe).  And slowly but surely it will get done.  It will get done.  Spring comes, snow (if you have any) melts, the wheel turns.  Those equal hours are both a blessing and a curse.  You balance it or  you do not.  But as surely as spring comes you go on.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

a few of his favorite things

On Monday the youngest member of our family turned 4.  When one is the youngest I think it is often the case that you do lots of things for others.  Waiting around for others, parties for others, activities based on the interests of others... so over the weekend we tried to do things that were just for the birthday boy.  And here are a few of Elliott's favorite things:

Lego Anakin Skywalker birthday cake

Pony rides

Strawberry ice cream

Happy Birthday to a boy who knows what he likes. :)

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

WIP Wednesday

Truth be told I have so many works in progress right now that my head is spinning around and I'm hoping that nothing important gets dropped when I inevitably drop a future ball.  But rather than focusing on those feelings I am going to share two pieces that are in different states today.

First off (and closest to finished) is this piece which I am currently hand quilting.  This is a departure from my usual style but is an image that came to me and demanded to have it's moment.  The muse often does not take no for an answer.

And in an entirely different state is my autumn inspired piece that needs one more coat of acrylic paint before I add the last layer of embroidery.  This is the second in a four part series that will accompany Spring in the World Tree.

The technique I use for these pieces is just layers upon layers.  So they take a while to build and the colours change as the surface evolves.  

And now back to the chaos that is currently my life.  I'll share again soon.

I've linked up with Lee at Freshly Pieced today.