Saturday, February 26, 2011

Art of the Month: February Collaborations

I've been very into drawing and sketching and sewing, creating in general this pregnancy.  In the last two months Kyan and I have discovered that making art together on the same piece is actually a very fun activity.  It all started with this piece:

A portrait of the famous Telly Ky's favorite stuffed animal.  I drew it as Ky was drawing on his own piece and then he was suddenly inspired to add his mark to mine.  We've had it up on our art line in the living room for a while now and I am inspired by it still.  It marks a very important stage of his growth.  Telly has been everywhere with us and has faded from a sweet pastel yellow to a dull gray from being loved so much. 

Our most recent collaboration is this:

A sketch I was doing to record an art idea and Ky decided to add some of his colour inspiration to the side.  There was a slight hesitation in me when he decided to "draw with me" but he is careful to not obliterate what I'm doing but rather just embellish it.  And I have to say that I love these.  It makes me very happy that we can work together like this.  The possibilities for future collaboration are endless.  And soon there will be another set of ideas, and little hands to contribute as well.  I love art.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Belly Update: 36 Weeks

Week 36 is kicking my butt.  I don't have any other, more polite way to put that.  Crampy Braxton Hicks contraction things, a baby that wants to push my right stomach muscles so hard and so often that they hurt, lack of sleep, and rush like sensations in my body that at some point will turn into the real thing.  There are still moments that are lovely but this boy is getting big.  Many around me say I'm so small and really that is true compared to some women.  Having a long torso as I do gives him lots of room lengthwise so he needs less widthwise I guess.  I am hungry too.  Like getting up in the middle of the night hungry....and that is huge for me.  There is little that gets me out of bed in the middle of the night these days.  I am doing my best to enjoy these last days/weeks of pregnancy as they will be the last I experience.  I still  marvel at how it takes less than a year to produce a new human being....I feel so lucky to be able to participate in this miracle regardless of how much I complain about it.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sewing along

Saturday brought about a huge feat: I finished the twelve rows in Kyan's quilt.  I was as precise as I have ever been and triple measured before sewing so I'm hoping that when it comes to assembling these rows I'll have them as closely aligned as possible.  Julie at Adirondack Mama: Happiness Comes is hosting a weekly Sewing Bee for sharing what you are working on from week to week.  I'm so happy to share and be able to say that this part of the quilt is done and I can move on with assembling the rest of the top in the next few weeks.  

I'll share more details about the pattern I'm using and the fabrics as the project progresses.  Please join the sewing bee if you are a crafter/sewer.  It's a great chance to share, be inspired, and stay motivated.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

National Sweater Day Tomorrow

I wanted to encourage you all to join in World Wildlife Fund's National Sweater Day tomorrow, February 17th.  They are urging Canadians to put on a wacky sweater and turn the thermostat down 3 degrees.
I know many poo poo these actions as not making a real difference,  but I am of the mind that every little bit helps.  For those of us with busy lives these little steps help remind us of what's really important and it may even make us realize that we keep our thermostat too high and if we just wear a sweater in the winter we can save money on heating bills and consume less energy.  My boy is somehow anti-sweaters but I'll do my best to get him in one tomorrow (and today for a little photo session)
Here is the link to the event hope you will join in.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Book of the Month: February

Hopefully you all are not getting tired of my pregnancy related rambles here.  The end is nigh if you are but since this will be my last pregnancy and child I thought I'd pass on as much valid information as I could to blogland.  My book for this month is Wise Woman Herbal for the Childbearing Year: by Susun S. Weed.  The lovely Heidi Joy passed this book on to me for use during my pregnancy.  I have refered to it here and there when issues have arisen that I was interested in looking for remedies for.  As the title suggests this book covers the spectrum of this journey from:  "the two months before conception, the nine months of pregnancy, and the two months following the birth."

There are lovely illustrations, practical recipes for making herbal infusions or working with herbs in general and a very intuitive approach to health. 
" This book speaks to the Wise Woman in you-the pregnant woman-and to the Wise Woman in your mate, lover, midwife, doctor, childbirth educator, and friends.  It is based on the belief that you are capable of observing your own body, heart and mind, responding to the messages you recieve during the childbearing year, and caring for yourself in the context of loving support and assitance."
In the journey through making a new life having a resource that seeks to aide through natural remedy is a blessing in a culture that too often turns to harsh medical interventions.  

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

baby steps

Baby steps, one day at a time, I have many mantras going through my head at this time.  We have been fighting a lingering cold and ear infection with Ky and today he is covered in a rash.  The rash is most likely a reaction to the antibiotics but off to the doctor we go again to make sure. 
These last few weeks are flying by and bringing us closer to birth day and the changes that that will bring our family.   I find myself taking things very slowly in each moment.  Some days bring energy and I get multiple things done and then others I get one or two things half done and I resign myself that I've done my best.
It is so funny how humans try to prepare for these things and make lists and deadlines and get things, make things, try to anticipate needs etc. and in the end all you can hope for is the grace to live up to the moments ahead.  This guy will come when he is ready, demands will be made and answered and our lives will adapt, molding around his needs and finding a new normal.
The days are getting longer, at times warmer, and I feel instincts to nest.  I don't feel much like venturing far these days, adventures into the unknown seem a bit too intense when stacked against what a matter of weeks will bring us.  In contrast to that feeling I feel the urge to plan outings and dinners, and visits with friends to keep myself from getting lost in anticipation and frustration if things take longer than expected.  Because Ky was 3 weeks early in arriving I plan to be prepared for that possibility with this guy but it remains just that a possibility.... not guarantees in this experience.  Well, I guess the only guarantee is that he will come out, timing of course to be the universe's to decide.
So as we convalesce, clean, organize, entertain ourselves and wonder just who the fourth family member is going to shape up to be, I just try and get through this moment.  Precious, fleeting and surreal as it may feel.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

our Imbolc

We anointed candles with oil, blessed seeds, walked in the woods and took photos of our bellies.
We played in the stream, made an herbal labour aide, ate salad, quiche, spinach goat cheese bread and cake.
We smudged with sage sending wishes of creativity and smooth births, we drew pictures of what the "seeds" that we wish to grow in 2011 will look like.  It was a lovely day, it went by in a flash.  I felt lucky to be with friends and to have celebrated what may be the last Sabbat before this little man makes his entrance.  My friend Sarah who is also pregnant is due just a week or two before me.  It has been very cool to share this experience with her, both the ups and the downs.  I hope you all had a lovely Imbolc as well.

Thank you to the lovely Katie for taking some photos for us.