Monday, August 10, 2015

Monday Around Here

 After some teasing from friends about my Instagram photos and the illusion that social media can convey about our lives being one lovely moment of leisure, I thought I'd do a photo post today sharing our Monday so far and describing the reality just outside the frame.

Our weekend was spent mostly going through our storage room and getting odd jobs finished around the house.  This process goes so much faster when Dave and I do it together.  But that left little time for some time in the studio.  This is a small glimpse at a section of my studio wall today.  It changes quite frequently, along with my mood and inspiration.


Looking out our bedroom window at the trees and my happy spider plant. This week promises some more hot days and I welcome that because I'm not ready for summer to slip away just yet.

 The boys had a laid back morning in their pj's, playing Lego.  Behind is an ice cream shop complete with a parking lot and bench, and the smaller front creation is one of Elliott's new "secret Lego sets"

In the kitchen there is little besides mess to show, but I focused on this bowl of peaches patiently waiting to become jam, and the very ripe Roma tomatoes the rest of which Dave and I enjoyed in a salad last night.

The living room as usual is full of toys in various states.  The easel was brought up from the storage room and quickly covered with art work and letter practicing.

And the balcony is all disheveled as I deal with the aftermath of a rat infestation (oh, please don't ask) so I focused on these lovely Calibrachoa Sweet Chimes which attract humming birds and are the sole surviving plant out there right now.  At the end of this week I hope to have taken back the patio and have it set up to enjoy the last few weeks of warm weather.

Monday, not manic just steady.  And always a little more going on than what the picture reveals. 

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Ever, July

Well, here we are at the end of the month.  We have been home for two weeks and two days now and I am still processing the trip but of course was forced to jump back in to life.  Swimming lessons, play dates and hot summer weather wait for no one.
There is little I'd rather do these days than sit on the sand and watch the boys build and discover new things.  Yesterday a jellyfish was spotted and many bright green pieces of seaweed were buried in sand pits.
It feels settled now.  The summer has surrounded us, made us slightly tired and brown-skinned from sunshine.  The travel was so good but did not manage to get us to that place.  
I am grateful that the season has sunk in.
I am grateful that a few days of rain took the edge off the brittle grass and parched trees. 
Ever grateful, berry eating, long summer days.


Thursday, June 25, 2015

June: Escape

As this posts are plane is in the air.  This Escape has been a long time in coming.

If you'd like to follow along I plan to post a photo a day to Instagram & Facebook.

Until July then.  Happy travels.

Monday, June 22, 2015

When words won't do....

It all comes at once...the lesson of this year so far.  The good, the bad, the ugly....there is not a separation. It is all jumbled together whether you like it or not.
In a few days we fly east, pause and then fly east again.  The pause will bring celebration and mourning.  Which doesn't seem to fit but again it must.  And sometimes words just won't describe the bittersweet nature of this life.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

May Mystery

The mystery of May is which word best describes the breakneck pace with which it advanced.  Mayhem, madness and masochistic would suit I think.  Phew.  I'll take a breath now that it's almost over. 
Much of the month was fun and celebration, and of course as life tends to present itself there was (and continues to be) much sadness and stress. 
Our countdown to our England trip looms in the distance and as excited as I am I am still not in a position to plan too much or even make my top 5 list of places to visit.  There is still a long list of things to do, finish, and prepare just in our day-to-day.  I can't say I'm great at approaching life at this speed but regardless I either have to run or miss the train. 
As all of this stuff of four lives lived together zooms around us the boys are growing as quickly as the spring plants.  The reality of their changing selves strikes chords with me daily.  How can the time move so fast?  With each little baby I hold I see how un-little my boys are, while simultaneously shaking my head at how much there is to watch unfold inside them before they exit my daily influence.
Am I recording the sweetness of now?  For their benefit but mostly for my own....I'm not sure how successful I am at that. 
Today a girl I have know since she was born turns 13.  And it literally feels like it was a blink in time.  May's mystery...the stunning dash of our children as they grow.  I'll take a breath again and sit with that for a while.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

London Calling

The countdown to our summer holiday is officially on.  We leave in about 2 months for London England, and Jersey Channel Islands.  To say I'm excited is a huge understatement and in my true fashion I'm doing some fun research on my own and with the boys.  Luckily Kyan developed an interest in knights and castles recently, and Elliott's obsession with shields and swords is playing into our prep as well.  Here are some books that we have checked out from the library to give us some background on our travels. 


This is an interesting read so far, debunking the myths surrounding the ravens living at the Tower of London.  I happened upon it while looking for books on ravens for a future art project.


Edward Rutherford has written many novels specific to cities.  I have read Dublin: Foundation  (Also named The Princes of Ireland) and really enjoyed it.  Historical fiction helps me to grasp a place much better than too much non-fiction.  Much less dry.


Let's Take the Kids to London: A Family Travel Guide, and Frommer's London with Kids (Frommers With Your Family Series) are the guide books I have been looking at.  So far I've just been glancing through but I plan to look more extensively in early June.

And for kid's books we have been reading:

Which is really fun and engaging. 
Although the overall perspective gets harder to grasp as the city grows over time.
 We pick and choose from this one covering the areas we will be going to and the aspects that we can engage a 4 and 7 year old in.

That's it for now.  I'll try and share more about our prep and the trip itself soon.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

April Outside

Last weekend we visited a wonderful organization's open house.  O.W.L which stands for Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation Society rescues injured birds (mostly raptors) and houses ones that can not re-enter nature and releases ones that have healed.

 Turkey Vulture.

  A Barred Owl.  We think an owl like this may be nesting near our home.  
We have seen her/him 3 times now.

And the climax of the day was the release of this juvenile bald eagle.  He was saved by a BC Hydro worker after being caught in a power line.  It was very moving to hear his story and witness this bird's release back into the wild.

There are so many people that dedicate their time to worthy causes, this is just one of many.  Supporting such brilliant work is a great way to send a family day outside.