Friday, June 4, 2010

Is it over?

Well, never before has tgif had such a meaning for me.  This week has been a challenge to say the least.  It started off fine but by Tuesday night...things took a turn for the worst.  We managed to make it through Ky's first battle with gastroenteritis and the laundry resulting has been done.  We've gone over 24 hours without throw up, yah!  Dave and I are both tired.  I am not an experienced mama with the sick thing yet.  I stress about it quite a bit, maybe I always will. 
The sun has peaked out here and there and I've tried to except that summer is on the doorstep but I need some warmth to really get the feeling into my bones.  Apparently we are due for some sun next week.  Solstice camping is fast approaching, Ky's big  boy bed mattress arrives on Monday and we are 99% on the road to a new place to live.  Our move won't be until the end of the summer and that is perfect to me.  We'll have lots of time to enjoy summer, I won't worry too much about home things and I'll have early September to settle into the new place.  The thing I'm most excited about at the moment is that I'll get to make curtains and window coverings for each room!  Good bye vertical blinds!!!
Grey skies are going to clear up and I'm putting on a happy face.  But I will share in my sentimental fashion that I'll miss many things about this place.  I doubt Ky will remember living here and since it is where he was born I feel responsible for recording all the lovely things about it for him and I to remember should he express interest some day.  So there will be a speckling of posts relating these great things over the next 3 months.  Have a great weekend.  My regular post schedule should resume shortly.

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TMCPhoto said...

hope everyone is feeling better. the first bout of tummy sickness is always hard. We found that if we stood behind the Peanut and supported her abdomen it was easier on her; well as easy as that can be on anyone.

I'll bee sending out some green healthy vibes in the hopes that those tummy bugs stay away