Monday, May 31, 2010

Rain, Rain

It's raining here.  And raining, and raining and raining.  I'm not usually one to complain too much about the rain but I would love a few sunny and warm days.  Just a few. 
There have been a few bright spots in the last couple of weeks that are helping me through.  The upstairs is not nearly as disastrous as before.  There are boxes in closets and bags filled with giveaway items, and somewhere in there is a little bit of a more settled feeling for me.  I'm looking forward to this and to this and today I received my Mother's Day gift which is a subscription to MaryJanes Farm magazine which so far is proving to be really fun and cool to read.

So despite the rain we are getting out there and checking out the puddles, rain drop covered, droopy flowers, and the lush grasses and trees that are certainly loving this rain. 

The Outdoor Challenge is feeling a bit more like a Rain challenge to us these days.  But we can at least tell that it's spring when we see such bright colours outside and the rain is mostly warm too. 

Rain tends to be a bit distracting but if you keep a look out you can find some surprises like this spider's web glistening with water droplets.   And so we'll keep wading through puddles and donning our raincoats until this little deluge is over.  At least I'm getting some of those pesky things checked off my "to do" list. 

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