Saturday, February 26, 2011

Art of the Month: February Collaborations

I've been very into drawing and sketching and sewing, creating in general this pregnancy.  In the last two months Kyan and I have discovered that making art together on the same piece is actually a very fun activity.  It all started with this piece:

A portrait of the famous Telly Ky's favorite stuffed animal.  I drew it as Ky was drawing on his own piece and then he was suddenly inspired to add his mark to mine.  We've had it up on our art line in the living room for a while now and I am inspired by it still.  It marks a very important stage of his growth.  Telly has been everywhere with us and has faded from a sweet pastel yellow to a dull gray from being loved so much. 

Our most recent collaboration is this:

A sketch I was doing to record an art idea and Ky decided to add some of his colour inspiration to the side.  There was a slight hesitation in me when he decided to "draw with me" but he is careful to not obliterate what I'm doing but rather just embellish it.  And I have to say that I love these.  It makes me very happy that we can work together like this.  The possibilities for future collaboration are endless.  And soon there will be another set of ideas, and little hands to contribute as well.  I love art.

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