Wednesday, February 16, 2011

National Sweater Day Tomorrow

I wanted to encourage you all to join in World Wildlife Fund's National Sweater Day tomorrow, February 17th.  They are urging Canadians to put on a wacky sweater and turn the thermostat down 3 degrees.
I know many poo poo these actions as not making a real difference,  but I am of the mind that every little bit helps.  For those of us with busy lives these little steps help remind us of what's really important and it may even make us realize that we keep our thermostat too high and if we just wear a sweater in the winter we can save money on heating bills and consume less energy.  My boy is somehow anti-sweaters but I'll do my best to get him in one tomorrow (and today for a little photo session)
Here is the link to the event hope you will join in.

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