Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sewing along

Saturday brought about a huge feat: I finished the twelve rows in Kyan's quilt.  I was as precise as I have ever been and triple measured before sewing so I'm hoping that when it comes to assembling these rows I'll have them as closely aligned as possible.  Julie at Adirondack Mama: Happiness Comes is hosting a weekly Sewing Bee for sharing what you are working on from week to week.  I'm so happy to share and be able to say that this part of the quilt is done and I can move on with assembling the rest of the top in the next few weeks.  

I'll share more details about the pattern I'm using and the fabrics as the project progresses.  Please join the sewing bee if you are a crafter/sewer.  It's a great chance to share, be inspired, and stay motivated.

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~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

Another quilter! Yippee. I just finished one with a diamond pattern. I've always found that with blocks, it's best to sew 9-patch squares together and piece those nine-patches together. Somehow it seems to line up better for me. I love the pops of red you chose.