Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A place for Toys

Around here the toy situation is in a state of constant flux. I wouldn't say we are inundated with toys I think it just feels like that sometimes. We are lucky to be able to swap toys with the lovely Heidi Joy and her boys and I try to rotate them a bit as well but even though there aren't copious amounts of toys in our home we still struggle at times with where they all should live.

On Ky's first birthday he was gifted a lovely toy from friends of ours and they presented it in a fabric drawstring bag made by the talented Ms. L. This bag (we were also gifted the remaining fabric) was instantly made the home for Ky's set of wooden blocks. A few months ago as train tracks, finger puppets and other miscellaneous items began being misplaced around here I decided to whip up the rest of the fabric into some more of these wonders. Since they would be the same fabric I decided to label them with some felt letters I had left over and voila a place for some little toys that Ky can carry himself, open himself and eventually learn to read with.

I've also been meaning to share Ky's dolls with you for a while now. Since he's a boy and all he doesn't have much of a collection. To be honest he rarely plays with them at this stage but I felt that he needed the option regardless. So the little guy on the right in the picture is a hand knit doll that my grandmother made for him. This was the same type that she sent to a charity that distributes dolls to children in Africa. On the left we have Mitchell Ky's Waldorf style doll. This doll was a collaborative effort between myself, my mom and my grandmother. I purchased the kit to make him from Dancing Rain Dolls.

The base for his hair was crocheted by my mom and she then looped through all the hair individually. And my grandma knit him the sweet little sweater he's wearing in this picture. His other limited wardrobe is inside of his very own bag. I hope to make him a few more accessories since Ky's favorite thing to do with him is give him a pretend bath. So I think a facecloth and towel are in order and I'll make him a little sleeping bag as well. I was so pleased to share the making of Mitchell with my family and have something cuddly and natural for Ky to carry around, look at curiously and hopefully someday play with in his very own way.

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Bridgett said...

Very creative and such good ideas!