Wednesday, March 31, 2010

For the Senses: Spring

Here is my second edition of my seasonal senses trip. For anyone just tuning in these are products, people and things that bring joy to the senses, invoke beauty and hopefully inspire. This one is particularly girly....Spring is bringing out the flowery side of me.


This woman's lovely voice and stirring music is one of those albums that makes you think you are listening to a movie soundtrack of your life. Joanna Newsom's songs are long but worth the journey.


A delicate white flower will soon be emerging from lush green leaves. As I wait for them smelling them sounds like a good way to honour Spring's energy. Lily of the Valley Incense....would be just right.


I made glazed walnuts last week to top a salad and then we had them on ice cream too. I used the recipe from Feeding the Whole Family but this one is similar. The only differences were that I used olive oil rather than butter and baked them in the oven at 300 degrees F stirring now and then until golden. Delicious!


Felted soap have you heard of this? Are you with me? I bought some for a gift but have yet to try it myself. But SoFino's shop on Etsy has the most lovely ones. Green Leaves, Jumping Bunnies.....and once the soap is gone you have a lovely felted pouch to enjoy.


Running along with the Lily of the Valley theme I just adore this this hand printed cotton shirt on maryink's Etsy shop. It is bright and simple and pretty. And everyone should feel like they are wearing art now and then.

I'll stop writing about Spring for a bit now since I've been going on for a week about it. It's my way of trying to conjure up some sunshine and warm breezes. Hope you are finding some where ever you are.

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