Saturday, March 20, 2010


As the energy has been building in me towards the equinox this weekend I noticed a pattern in myself. We all are effected in different ways by the changes in light that occur during the movement of the earth. I find it fascinating that some of us find new energy and vigor like Heidi Dawn did with the change to Daylight Savings Time while others (ME!) have struggled with the lost hour...feeling it mostly in droopy eyes and a slower step. Along with that feeling though has come a realization that despite the tired me my creativity is kicking into high gear once again. I took many books out of the library last weekend on sewing. Heidi Joy and I drank Chai and made plans for projects on Tuesday. We are endeavoring to sew together more this year for moral support and for the joy of it (although 3 boys under the age of 5 running around at the same time is...well, let's just say we try to keep it While contemplating this surge I was reminded of a similar feeling last year that I wrote about. It was interesting to me that the timing was not as close to now but leading up to the Autumn Equinox. I think the balance of light and dark is a comfort to me. I like the way it feels in my bones and it seems that my creative spirit feeds off of that balance.
It is not necessarily a time for production at a fast pace but the ideas come very furiously. I have to reap the ideas, record, sketch, ponder, plan and measure. It wouldn't be humanly possible to execute all of the ideas I've been having recently right away but the ideas have to come at their own pace. So if I can get them all scrolled down somehow I can use the list for keeping me motivated during the other periods. I'm grateful for this realization and what it can mean for how I plan my time for creativity in the future. I will have to give it a longer test before I conclude completely that my artistic flow and ebb are tied to the Equinoxes but it gives me another angle from which to view this time of year, not to mention another reason to celebrate the coming of change which can be a hard thing for me to accept sometimes. Happy Spring Equinox to you all and I'll share some photos of our doings this weekend soon.


TMCPhoto said...

I'm not sure if I'm more energized or tired, Right at this moment I feel more in the middle, balanced between the two. I've noticed in the last year that I am more tired in the darker months and have been making an effort to listen to my body rather than over riding it.

Looking forward to seeing what you have on the go.

TMC said...

(hey look! 2 TMCs in a row!)

Happy Spring to you too!