Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tales from my Garden: Primroses & Fairies

When we first moved here 2 and a half years ago I decided to dedicate the small plot in the front of the house to fairies and try and plant plants that they would like. This lead to some research on not only plants that they like but ones that are happy with little sun and less than perfect soil conditions. I am no master gardener. I have at times been arrogant to think that I have a green thumb of sorts but clearly the last year has taken my beginners luck and cut me down to size.

Since I insist on learning in the trial and error way it seems that my biggest success so far has been the primroses or in Latin if you prefer primula. The first ones I planted in the spring of 2008 are so very lovely and are proliferating which means that in a few weeks after they are done blooming I'll spread them out a bit. Last year I added pink to the happy yellow ones and they were the first thing to bloom in my garden this year....way back in February. Last year the blue bloomed as well but I have yet to see that one this year. Over the summer they tend to die back due to the sun and difficulty I have keeping them as moist as they like (a drainage issue I think which I'm trying to fix) but each winter/spring they greet me with their happy green leaves and I am delighted that they like the space I've given them here.

Folklore abounds about fairies and primroses, plant a ring of primula around a rock and you make a fairy ring. Peer over the petals and you'll see the fey. Shakespeare wrote of them often as well. They are such joy inducing blooms, small and colourful it just makes sense to me that the fairies would love them.

Last year I decided to add plants that attract butterflies and bees to my list and so I am awaiting the greening of the survivors from winter to see how many are returning this year but so far I'm happy to see that most are pulling through. The northwest corner of my little plot seems the hardest on plants, I have yet to find something that is happy there and comes back again but I'm persistent in this quest so I will keep on trying. Maybe I should seek some guidance from the fairies as to what they want in that area. It feels nice to have plants to talk about again. Happy Gardening!

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Anonymous said...

They are so pretty. I think I may suggest that Melody plant some in her flower garden we've made for her this year. I know she saw fairies this past weekend in the forest because she was blankly staring at the flowers and then zoning out into "fairy mode" as I call it. :) Hope they attract some good fairies for you.