Thursday, March 25, 2010


This week has gotten away from me it seems. I wanted to check in and despite three or four posts running through my head this one is just going to be a rambley update about general life around here.

This family has had a really hard time getting out of bed for the last two weeks. Daylight Savings is kicking our our days have been a little off track with timing and while we are doing our best to stay on track I feel like I'm letting the ball drop quite often.

Ky and I haven't been on one of our fun long walks in a while. We've been outside digging in the garden, checking out a new park and watching the trains of course but not really taking those long hours to explore, play and absorb. Now that time may be delayed even further until the weather clears up a bit. It is supposed to rain here off and on until next week.

The rainy weather is making me want to sit in front of my sewing machine and only get up to pee and eat. I find those emotions difficult to negotiate as a mother because I have to get up constantly and do the thousands of other things that take precedence over sewing. But I'm getting 5 minutes here and sometimes even 15 minutes there so that will have to be enough for now.

The process of creating Kyan's new room is underway. We have found his big boy bed and will pick it up on the weekend. The journey to the room that I have envisioned in my head for him will be long since I see a new quilt, handmade sheets and train prints on his wall. But I will work away at it and eventually (whether here or at another home) Ky will have this room that I see in my head.

And while in some ways I feel just slightly down or off the mark in others I feel like I'm accomplishing something important. The area I'm really happy about is food. We are eating well and I'm working really hard to make that happen. Dedicating time and energy everyday to making good food is an investment into my family's health and well being. Out of all of the goals that I set up for myself this year that one is transforming a part of me. It is helping me to feel the results of good, whole food consumption on how I feel internally. I am noticing energy levels, my head feeling clear or not, sleep patterns....all of it. And food plays such a huge roll in that. Now along with my stack of sewing books from the library I've been mulling over taking out a stack of cookbooks too. But I'll hold that urge back a bit until I've got the sewing ones in perspective.

Now I'm off to do some yoga, Thursday is usually yoga day and that is another goal that I've been keeping for myself. Yoga once a week is really helping me stay centered and feel healthy. Since I may be the only person on the planet who still has a VCR the yoga VHS tapes at the thrift store are a very economical way to get a little instruction and motivation to keep going.

Have a happy rest of your week and I'll be back soon with those other posts I mentioned earlier.


Anonymous said...

Oh a big boy bed will be so cool! Sounds like the room will be wonderful as well. I have been cleaning the girls' rooms this week and it's amazing how fun it is to be in there if it's clean. ;) Happy weekend to you.

Anonymous said...

I have a VCR too ;)

Anonymous said...

There is a gift for you on my site!

DST totally kicked our butts as well, I hate it!