Monday, March 8, 2010

The Beach

I wanted to share some photos from our beach excursion. It had a little bit of everything that a boy and his mama would love. Trains, rocky shoreline, boats going by now and then, a sandy beach, big trees and picnic tables, fun walkways and a cool pier, birds and lovely views all around. I'm still processing the way the tides are calling to me. What is it that brings out this desire at this time in my life. Perhaps it's that after close to 10 years living on the coast the sea is finally starting to share it's secrets with an inland raised woman. I'll keep you posted.

Just as an aside before the photos some housekeeping. I'm hoping that you all remember to enter my giveaway...some of you must like free music? Especially good music? Don't you? There's still lots of time so please sign up!


Rue said...

Wow - wonderful pics! I love the blues and greys.... A great excursion - and a good way to say goodbye to Winter!

Walk in the Woods said...

Great images. Looks like a sweet day,

Bridgett said...

Beautiful, beautiful pictures!