Friday, August 14, 2009

My Overflowing Cup

The organized chaos on my spare bed, a reflection of my creative juices

The last few days have been a whirlwind of creativity in my head. Images have been popping up in the last few weeks. Quilt/fabric art pieces, gifts, article ideas, I feel like I have a fireworks show going off in my brain.
The ebb and flow of creativity is just so fascinating. I didn't realize that things had been ebbing in my visual imagery department until this storm went off and I've had to manage day-to-day life while harnessing these bursts of energy. Yesterday it was all I could do to not close the blinds and sew until it was dark or my stomach protested too much. I think this is the first major spell I've had since conceiving Kyan. The first time that I wanted to work, work, work and only in the art sense of that word.
Due to the gift nature of some of the projects I can't go into tons of details....but let's see. I am making an actual "art" piece... as in not a gift, not a functional object. Towards my goal of working out a style for my work. I've had some other great ideas with imagery that can keep me working in that area for years really if I follow through with them all.
The fall is gift time since we have tons of birthdays and of course Yule will creep up super fast. I am making most of my gifts this year. Hopefully that will not drive me bonkers before December. And as far as the writing goes I've just been so inspired by the blogs I'm reading and I have some fun news to share in the coming weeks. Sorry to tease but I don't do it that often, hopefully you'll forgive me this one time.
I felt yesterday like my cup was running I couldn't get the ideas down fast enough. Today was more like I'd been hit by a truck...tired and still very motivated but needing more rest. It's like my body was exhausted by the rush and needs to relax a bit.
In an attempt to relax and be kind to my body Kyan and I did yoga from a tape today. (yes a video tape, it's from 1994!) but since the production value was so high the only thing that dates it too me is the scrunchy that Ali McGraw wears in it. (and for all of you that still wear scrunchies, you're kicking it old school, no worries) It's a great routine and I hope to do it every other day. It is not the same as being at a studio...what with three snack breaks for Ky, him jumping on my back during floor poses and turning off the VCR once or twice but it's free so it fits my current workout/be healthy criteria. Overall this week has been good. Solid, productive and inspiring. I hope you can all say the same.

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