Thursday, October 1, 2009

Another year of Apples & Pumpkins

This year's visit to the Apple Barn was new and exciting. Looking back at last year's post I can't believe how much Kyan has grown. He couldn't walk yet...and I seem to remember he liked the hayride much better last year. This time, not so much. He cried through the whole ride. But he did go into the bunny pen and he even exclaimed "Bunny!" a few times. He enjoyed jumping on the jumping pillow but most of all he loved picking the apples. It was a long day but a fun day. This new stage of his, being afraid of new things etc. is challenging, but I'm hoping he'll move through it and be all the better for it.

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Rapunzel said...

what a precious picture! I fondly remember those days, pumpkin shopping with my little sweet!