Monday, October 26, 2009

Preparing to Dance the Spiral...

I've caught the fever for posting ever day as we lead up to Halloween/Samhain. This is going to be an experiment for me but I'm just loving every one's posts for Domestic Witch's October Party and of course Mrs. B's 31 days of Halloween giveaway. If this week works out well I think I may do this for each Sabbat as a way of keeping myself present and mindful of the seasons and festivals.

Last night was Vancouver Reclaiming's 17th annual Spiral Dance. This was my fourth time attending. It has become a tradition for me and several of my friends. It is a chance to celebrate the New Year with other pagans and honour the ancestors, newly dead and newly born. Each year there is a trance journey to the summerland to visit the ancestors and last year I found that I had a hard time staying in the trance. I took some steps in the following months to work on trance and this year I noticed a huge difference. I also prepared myself by trying to have a mellow "ish" day.
I took a bath which was only interrupted once. Of course the interruption meant that the water filled with tangerine-sage bath salts got cold but I tried to enjoy it once I got back.

My witchy outfit. For the last three years I've worn this vintage feather hat and it really puts me in an otherworldly mood.

Took this one just before I left. The evening was thought provoking as always and this year they had some wonderful music. My trance was interesting and I'm still thinking about the messages and images I received. I will go into more details about them in the coming month as I plan on doing some introspective posts during November since it's the new year and my birthday month. There is usually a lot that comes up for me at this time of year. See you tomorrow.


Rue said...

Wow - I love that hat!

Can't wait to hear more about your trance. Maybe next year I'll make it out for the dance - but being 5 hours away, makes it a bit difficult! Some planning needs to be involved!

TMCPhoto said...

Hi Jen,

I am one of those photographers who took up the camera to be the one behind the lens instead of in front.

The Spiral never fails to offer something to me. Sounds like the preparations of a mellow-ish day paid off.

This year I had trouble keeping a clear image during the trance, I'm hoping to do some personal work on the Sabbat.

Bridgett said...

You look beautiful!
I truly wish we had gatherings like that in my area. But living in the Bible's nearly impossible.

Oh, btw, I'm wanting to raise tangerine sage! :) I already have pineapple sage. It smells SO GOOD.