Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Pumpkins & apples & bees, oh my!

Friday was our second annual trip to the Applebarn. We had a great time, despite the crowds of school children and my luck of getting stung by a bee. Kyan did not sleep on the way there as I was hoping, so he was a little out of it for some of the morning, but I think he liked the fresh air. We took a hayride to the pumpkin patch and picked out a small one for him. I picked a 10 pound bag of apples that are lovely and crisp. I really love pumpkins, their shape, their taste, their colour, and the fact that you can make them into wonderful globes of light.
On a side note, the election results are coming in...looks like my riding is staying NDP but the country is headed for another Conservative minority government. Despite my previous post about accepting the will of the majority, I find it hard to swallow this one. My views just do not mesh with Right wing ones. I hope with all my heart that Mother Earth is able to sustain the pillage that this government will probably put her through. John Mayers' song Waitin' on the World to Change comes to mind here, especially the line: "one day our generation is going to rule the population". The fact that our population is aging does not help us bring in the fresh blood. I have to look for other ways to create change, I've cast my vote and now must walk my talk.


Janet said...

Kyan is so cute! I love his little hoodie sweater. I'm taking Naimah to the pumpkin patch this weekend..I forgot all about hay rides though, that sounds like it was fun! xoxox

mrsb said...

What a doll! Great pics! And I love that red ring.