Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Artful Pillows: Autumn

This week I am on the sewing bandwagon. I have finished my Autumn pillows and I've begun my Yule projects. I am making tote/grocery bags from I hope to have one per larger gift. I've set my sights at making ten. So far they are easy to make and so I think I should have them done by the end of the week. I've got some fabric paint so I'm going to paint a message on the side as well. I think they will be great gift wrap. I'll post images of them when I'm done.
When I finished assembling the pillows I realized that people may be interested in making their own. I'm sure there are lots of websites that give directions since pillows like these are very basic to make, but I will take photos of my Winter ones and post directions for anyone who is interested. Look for that post next year (probably late January or February).
After the bags are done I am making Kyan a stocking and re-doing Dave's. I made Dave's five years ago and did not have a sewing machine at the time. It turned out fine but it is too small, so I'm going to add some fabric along the outside. Keeping this all under control is challenging, but it seems to be going well so far. Its great to see all the Yule projects on every one's blogs. It helps to get my spirits up. Happy crafting!

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