Thursday, November 27, 2008

Moon Cord Ritual Tool

One of the activities of my full moon ritual this month was making this Moon Cord. This cord is meant to be a tool for magical use. So if you want to wear it for moon energy, or keep it on your altar during the moons etc. it can really be used however you see fit. The concept of three in terms of New, Full and Dark moon, as well as Maiden, Mother, Crone; are a main theme in my spiritual practice. I think everyone can relate to this energy and I know for myself it cycles through my month.

Supplies you need: three pieces of cord, wool or string etc: One for each moon phase. I chose 3 colours: the new moon an iridescent pink woven with mauve, for the full moon a bright white woven with silver, and for the Dark moon black. I also included some shiny, silvery moon charms. I painted a wooden box with the triple Goddess Moon symbol to keep it in, when I gave the supplies to a friend as a gift.

After casting a circle, you light a candle as a focus for which your moon energy.
Next braid the three cords.
You are then ready to charge the cord.

Use three Goddess aspects for each phase. I chose these three based on my own preferences and my friend's as well. But personalizing this can only help with the magic. I chose Artemis, Isis and Hecate.

As Artemis leads us with her torch
To the spot deep in the wood where her silver new moon waxes,
I charge this cord with her strength of a lioness,
And her depth of the darkest forest

As Isis holds the knowing of our own wombs
With her gifts of renewable abundance
Her full moon reigns almighty
I charge this cord with her all-seeing third eye
And her ever constant gifts of truth

As Hecate holds the moon’s magnetic reins
With her ancient spells, letting the night sky rule dark and cool
I charge this cord with her old Heka magic
And her power as Mighty Queen of the Witches

So Mote it Be.

Once the aspects are drawn in to the cord knot it nine times. Since I used thick cord I could not knot it so I tied three moon charms on and knotted the embroidery floss three times on each charm. Leave it with the candle to charge under the moon energy. Try to store it wound in a circle to retain the charge.

As a little disclaimer, this is the first Spell type posting of mine. I am not the creator of this spell, but I no longer have the source of it either. I did change it, as I'm sure anyone who does it will further change it to suit their needs.

I would like to send a special blessing to the people of Mumbai (formerly Bombay) India, at this tragic time for the world. I pray that the seed of hatred that is trying to be sown by these terrorists is rejected and in it's place compassion and healing can grow. Namaste.


Celestite said...

I am really enjoying your blog.

Anonymous said...

Nice cord. I really like the b and w too. :)