Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Green Yule Wrapping 101

Here are the finished morsbags. They seem to be very strong bags, and despite using them for Yule gift wrapping I chose to use fabrics that would work all year round.
I also stenciled "Love the Earth" on them with fabric paint. They look great folded up and tied with ribbon as below. A rule I had for myself in making them was to only use fabric that I already had. If you don't have a large stash of fabric you can always check out the ends bins at your local fabric store. This makes it much cheaper than buying fresh off the roll. I have not been shopping for fabric in a long time but when I go I usually check the ends bin first, often whatever colour or pattern I need will be in there.

Our family has a tradition of collecting tree ornaments. I decided to decorate some boxes I had around the house to keep them in. These are also a great way to wrap gifts. You can reuse the box each year. I wrapped them with festive fabric. You can use regular wrapping paper or decorate them with stickers etc. I use fabric because it lasts a long time. These will not fade or get ripped for many years to come. Shoe boxes, or any that have sturdy lids work well. You may want to reinforce the corners with tape just in case. All you need is fabric or paper, scissors, a ruler and a glue gun.

I had many of these little organza bags left over from Kyan's newborn clothing. They look great with coloured tissue paper and ribbon. Smaller gifts work perfectly with these. Being creative with wrapping is fun, and helps keep useful things out of the landfill. Happy wrapping!

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