Thursday, December 4, 2008

Harper & Compromise

The current political situation in this country is putting a damper on the magic of the season. I am really sick of Stephen Harper. He wants to run this country for the few, while spreading lies and putting forth a spirit of divisiveness. Prorouging the Parliament is the last thing we need. I am not sure if the Coalition is the best thing to do, but at least he needs to compromise. He is the Canadian George W. Bush. He only wants to "compromise" if it was his idea to begin with. The nature of the Parliamentary system is that the House of Commons needs to feel confidence in the leader. If they do not, then steps are taken to either remove that leader and select a new one, have an election or create a new leadership with a Coalition of the opposing parties. Since we just had an election we obviously can not incur the expense of another, so Harper should sit down with the opposition leaders and work out a plan. Instead he is talking about Canada's union being at risk (which it is not because the Bloq Quebecois are not in the Coalition), and accusing the "socialists" of trying to undermine democracy. Who is really trying to undermine democracy? Stephen Harper. His party was voted in to lead, but he has lost the confidence. He could step down or admit that he has insulted and mis-read the direction that our Members of Parliament think we should go in. Instead he has delayed any action to be taken by those Members until January. January may be too late for those Canadians who are in danger of losing their jobs. While Harper is cozy in 24 Sussex Drive for the holidays many Canadians will be wondering how long they can keep a roof over their heads.
I do not know everything about politics or how the country should be run, but I do know that Harper has never had my confidence, and this throws any chance he had of getting it down the tubes.

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