Monday, December 29, 2008

Art of the Month: December

"The Birthing Year" 9" x 9" 2007-08

This piece has hung in our bedroom for the last year. I made this several years ago, more as an exercise than anything else. This symbol can be found in the book: Virgin Mother Crone by Donna Wilshire. There are four similar drawings titled "Woman displayed" or "Birth-Giver". I drew these out in a note book many years ago. They inspire me, they are images of power and strength. Since I was about to give birth when we moved into our current home, I put this piece up to focus my energy. I gazed at this image while giving birth and I have looked at it many times during the past year, while up late at night breastfeeding, or rocking Ky to sleep etc. Last week a new idea popped into my head. Name this almost past year "The Birthing Year" and label the back of the quilt block. At the beginning of each year I will make a new one with a new symbol and name it at the end of the year. I will keep them until I have enough to start joining them together. Eventually I'll have a quilt that will chronicle my life, a memory keeper. These will be very personal and just for me. The symbol I have chosen for this year is: triple spiral. Obviously since we are now three this one speaks to my family life, but it also represents magic on many levels. These spiral symbols are found carved in to stone and date far back in to pre-history. They are aesthetically pleasing to the eye and reminders of the eternal cycle of life.


DarklyFey said...

This is a wonderful idea. I don't quilt, but you sure do make me wish I did! Perhaps I could the same with drawing or poetry. Something to consider! I wonder what I'd call this past year.

Anonymous said...

That's so amazing! I love it and your idea to do one every year too and then put them together. Wonderful. Hope you had a nice Solstice!