Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Baking & Snow

Today was our first big snow. We don't get much snow here and it doesn't stay very long so it is always great to take advantage when it is here. Kyan was a bit indifferent but I'm sure when he can walk in it himself he'll take more notice. Yesterday was very busy with baking. I made my Gran's famous pan rolls for the first time. They turned out okay. I baked them a bit too long but better luck next time. They are going to be for our Solstice dinner (just Mom, Dad & Baby with our gift exchange) and I also made shortbread for the first time. Shortbread is tricky, I overcooked it a bit as well, but it tastes good and I separated the overcooked for us, and will give the nice ones to our neighbor and take some to a Yule party we are going to this weekend. I can't believe that it is only a week until Yule eve. I still have birthday party prep to do, and a few last gifts to get. I'm enjoying the season though. Our tree is great, I'll post some pics soon. I hope you are all well and are getting some cheer from the season.

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