Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Holiday Wrap-up & Challenge results

I am tired after the whirl of the holidays. Tomorrow we'll have some lunch with family and the madness will be over for another year. We did manage to get in some relaxing time, but it never seems to be enough...
Regardless we had a wonderful time, with friends and family, lots of snow, and I am pleased with my results for the Holiday No Plastic Challenge. We received gifts containing plastic but gave out very few. I think in total only 3 out of 30ish had plastic. Our gifts to Ky were his birthday rocking horse pictured above. And his FSC certified block set pictured below.

I gave out many fun gifts that I found at various Craft Fairs around the Lower Mainland. These tree ornaments are made of beeswax.

These mini trees are made of recycled residential woods: cherry and pear. I love giving wood as a gift for the tactile quality and for durability while being biodegradable.

This scarf was purchased from a very creative woman. I think her work is great, and her prices were so reasonable. My sister was really happy to get this for those cold eastern winters.

We were very blessed with wonderful gifts this year. But more than that we are so blessed with a wonderful network of people around us. I am very grateful for my family and friends. Happy New Year to those who celebrate it tonight. Dave and I were planning a fancy dinner out, but timing issues made the plans fall through. We thought we'd post-pone to another night when we can be out early and back early to put Ky to bed. Whether your plans have you out partying or curled up at home, have a wonderful night, and happy 2009 to you all.

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This Guy said...

Ahhh Jen! How I have MISSED YOU!! I love the Christmas post, and totally loved all your non plastic ideas, I was going to try that this year, then I realized that I was sick of shopping and everyone was getting a plastic gift card to the mall... hahaha

I love the rocking horse, totally reminds me of a wooden one that I had when I was a kid! Its true, its the handmade, and the thoughtfull gifts that REALLY make the season special. I am going to do a handmade Christmas next year, hand craft everything... I'll just have to remember to start crafting things early! lol Its usually me, on Dec 24th, at about 3pm, wondering what the hell I am going to get everyone! LOL

Hope you had a Happy and Safe New Years Too! :)