Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Scorpio...need I say more?

Well since I'm a Scorpio then yes, I think I should say more. Happy Birthday to my fellow scorpions. I am a lover of astrology; I say lover because I am not a follower in the sense of paying much attention to the yearly planetary movements etc. I watch were the moon is and think about the planets as they relate to the signs, but I use astrology as a means to understand people around me.
Many people let the quirks and traits of others bother them. They wonder why they can't change, why they are so difficult, or emotional or wild. Over the years I have kept close watch over my friends and family to notice similarities that could be attributed to their sun sign. I do not believe that the descriptions are strict rules. There are always exceptions. But what I have found is that you can attribute many qualities to people based on their sun sign and its corresponding element. In a future post I will go into the specifics of this idea, Heidi and I discuss these points frequently and despite many skeptical nay-sayers we have found that they have come to notice similarities at times as well. For today though I will talk specifically about perhaps the most controversial and misunderstood sign of the Zodiac: Scorpio.

Dates: Vary from October 23 or 24th to November 21 or 22.
Animals: Scorpion, Eagle, Wolf, Phoenix
Birthstone: Snakestone, Amethyst, Topaz
Body Part: Genitals
Colour: Blue-Green, Turquoise
Day: Tuesday
Metal: Steel
Plant: Cactus
Tarot: Death
Tree: Yew
Celtic Month: Birch
Element: Water

October/November is a challenging time for many in terms of weather and light. It is the dark time of the year. I think this is why Scorpios are seen as moody, jealous and vengeful. We are born in a time of death, making us a reminder that death and birth are unequivocally linked. While most Scorpios I have known are sarcastic and moody, we are not all vengeful. Sexuality is also associated with us. Our passion and intensity are keys to a sensual being. I do not know a Scorpio who is not a fan of sex (but who is not?) Our power lies on many levels. We are opinionated and determined. Water is our element. We flow swift and strong as rivers. Deep, sometimes treacherous beneath a calm exterior. We are complex, which makes our reputation as murky as it is. But overall I love being a Scorpio, and if you ask anyone who is they will probably say the same thing. When I was pregnant with Kyan I looked at the compatibility between Scorpio and Capricorn in terms of parenting. The one site I visited did not even have a Scorpio mother listed as most compatible with any sign. Why do we get such a bad rap?
Yes we are obsessive to certain degrees, self-absorbed, and very dramatic...but hey someone has to add some spice to life.


mrsb said...

My hubby and daughter are both Scorpios.

Let the pity begin.


This Guy said...

Oh Jeeze, my little Niece is a Scorpio!! I can't wait. She's only 1 and has a little attitude all her own! hehehhe :P

This Guy said...

Jen!! Thanks for your comments! :) But you should totally check out the soul coaching! there are 3 levels that you can do, level 1 only takes 15 mins a day!! I know how busy mommy life can be tho! :P hehehe

Talk to you soon! :)

Anonymous said...

zodiac signs love
Scorpios are powerful people who love to control their own destiny. Sensual and intense, life is anything but mundane. They are tenacious, secretive, sexy, and exciting, but watch out, they can also be fiercely protective and jealous. There’s nothing casual about this star-sign – enchanting!

Scorpio – Aries : This energy plus union can move mountains.
Scorpio – Taurus : Respect and appreciation for each other’s skills.
Scorpio – Gemini : First impressions can be captivating.
Scorpio – Cancer : Totally electric – the world is their oyster.
Scorpio – Leo : They can build on each other’s energy.
Scorpio – Virgo : Combined power can be resourceful.
Scorpio – Libra : Deep down, these two have a lot to offer each other.
Scorpio – Scorpio : An emotional intensity outweighs other combinations.
Scorpio – Sagittarius : An optimistic outlook can bring them together.
Scorpio – Capricorn : These two make people stand up and take notice.
Scorpio – Aquarius : Getting to know each other is part of the intrigue.
Scorpio – Pisces : Like Burton and Liz Taylor, they complete each other.