Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A quiet season

Take a little time to smell the rose hips...

Here I am after a birthday weekend of the flu. Not the best birthday gift I've ever received. One thing that being totally out of commission does for you is get you really motivated to get some work done. I have lists running for meals, gifts, & crafts I'd like to make. Not to mention lists for around the house tasks: move plants around, clean everything, baking, pillows to make, decorating for Yule. I'm already overwhelmed.
There is a stillness as well. Something that swept through me while I was sick; the thing that forced me to the couch and made me stay there for more than a day. It was obvious that I had not been listening to this force and so it had to take me over completely. The quite of this time of year, the darkness, the cold; it asks us to turn inward. Take the time to listen to your soul, watch the birds eat the last of the berries, feel the chill and the contrasting warmth under a blanket. I have a wish of stillness this season for us all. Peace & stillness to you.

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