Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Magic of Trees

You step into the forest, needles crack under your feet, before you is a path covered with dappled light and your nose fills with the scent of pine.
That smell may conjure many memories for you, but did you know that the terpenes which are the chemicals that create that smell are also a natural climate control system? David Adam of The Guardian wrote of a new study undertaken by the Institute for Climate and Atmospheric Science at Leeds University in which they discovered that these terpenes are released by trees and join with the clouds above them to reflect more of the sun back into the atmosphere. It adds up to 5% more of the sun that is not being absorbed by the earth.
Trees are crucial to our survival on this planet. They studied boreal forests across northern regions such as Canada, Scandinavia and Russia. So while a single tree may not release as many as a boreal forest may, any tree can help to cool things down.
The sacredness of trees is unbelievable at times. They are so important for the health of this planet. So plant one, hug one or just admire a tree in your area. And whenever possible try to avoid buying, making or using products that could be contributing to the destruction of the earth's forests. They love us, we need to love them back.

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This Guy said...

WOW!! Cool picture!! I've acutally never encountered a tree that big! They just don't grow to that size here around Niagara Falls...