Friday, October 24, 2008

Six Random Things

Mrs. B at Confessions of a Pagan Soccer Mom has tagged me and given me another award today. Thanks so much. It really makes you feel great to know that people are reading and its nice to have more friends too.

So for the Six Random Things here are the rules:

1. Link to the person or persons who tagged you.
2. Post the rules on your blog.
3. Write six random things about yourself.
4. Tag six people at the end of your post and link to them.
5. Let each person know they’ve been tagged and leave a comment on their blog.
6. Let the tagger know when your entry is up.

Random Things about me:
1. I had braces on my teeth from age 11 to 13. My Mom grew up with crooked teeth and vowed that her children would not have them. At 11 I had 4 permanent teeth pulled(because I had too many teeth for the size of my mouth) and then had those lovely silver tracks. I never was teased much about them since my peers decided that my being skinny was more fun to tease about. The day I had them off my teeth I remember feeling like I had this huge mouth of white, and I'm very grateful to my Mom for paying for them. I believe they made it possible for me to do the next random thing.

2. I was a fashion model for 3 years. When I moved to the west coast I had trouble finding a job. So I thought it might be a good time to look into finding a modeling agent, since I had been obsessed with modeling since I was young. I found an agent and went on to have some great times doing local fashion shows and even an ad campaign. I loved modeling, I was really good at it. Since I only started at 24 I was considered a bit "old" (gasp) for a beginner though. So despite my agent's best efforts I was never picked up by an agent from Paris, Milan or Japan. But I had a great time for those 3 years and have a beautiful book of photos. I still look back on it and think "Wow, I really did something that I dreamed of as a child."

3. I hate olives and goats cheese. I have tried over and over to like these things. Every few months I try another sample, taste buds change sometimes, but man, I just don't like them. In most restaurants here goats cheese is in or on things. I really want to like it, but my palate says no. What can you do?

4. I have a huge sweet tooth. I love chocolate of course. But after dinner I always crave something sweet. Pie, cake, ice cream, brownies, I love it all.

5. I'm bilingual. I grew up in Quebec where I went to an English school but took a french class every day. So for 13 years (elementary, secondary and cejep) I took a french class and I lived in a predominantly french town. I would not say that I am fluent because I haven't lived there for over 10 years and you do lose it if you don't use it, but I can hold my own.

6. This one is a bit gross but is a very personal one. I have a vomit phobia. It started when I was around 12 years old. I would have panic attacks at night from just a pang in my stomach. My Mom would come into my room and calm me down and I drank tons of Pepto Bismol, probably damaging my stomach, but what can you do. I no longer have the panic attacks, but I really hate to vomit. I will avoid it at all costs, even if that means not doing something that could induce it like riding crazy amusement park rides or getting really drunk.

Ok now six blogs to tag.

1. Amy at Magical Musings : I have learned so much on her blog and love her art and just her way of being.
2. Bret at This Guys Journey : His blog is really honest and funny.
3. Witchy Mama: She is so prolific and I think you can really tell that she loves life.
4. Janet at Livin' La Vida Vegan: Her blog made me think that I could blog, and for that I am grateful.
5. Darth Mommy : With humour and love she is so personal about motherhood.
6. Amy at Crunchy Domestic Goddess: She is such a well rounded, green livin' cool person.

This is a fun exercise. I hope you all enjoy doing it too.

I would also like to pass on the Kreativ Blogger award to these six blogs. They are all very creative and diverse. Along with passing the award along to six blogs you are supposed to list six things that you love:

1. Books....anyway they come, and in all spots you can find them.
2. Trees...they make me very happy. Nothing can ground you better.
3. Joni Mitchell's music. Her songs just resonate with me, she's my favorite songwriter for sure.
4. T.V. I know its bad to love it, but alas I do.
5. Old/Vintage things. I love old photos, clothing, furniture....etc.
6. Harley Davidson motorcycles. They are loud, shiny and sexy.


mrsb said...

I love to look at Harleys, but I'm scared to death to ride on them! I am incapable of tilting into turns. I always want to sit straight up, counterbalancing the darn things.

This Guy said...

Loved reading your randoms and I did mine too! :) I totally am with you on the vomit fear, vomit makes me vomit, which in turn makes me vomit more! hahaha

OMG my verification word for the comment entry here is brept! P is the first letter of my middle name! too cool!!

Bret xoxo ;)

silverstarsanctuary said...

I read this and then saw you tagged me too so I did mine this morning. I like that you try to like goat cheese and olives even though it's apparent you don't! Like they are going to change or something since the last time you tried them. :)

Unbalanced Libra said...

Thank you for the award!