Sunday, October 26, 2008

Book of the Month: October

My first post in a feature I will be doing once a month. I love books and thought it would be fun to review books that I have in my library. In honour of Samhain and Halloween I have chosen:
Witch: The Wild Ride from Wicked to Wicca by Candace Savage.
This book delves into the history of the word Witch and brings the reader from the author's own personal history with witches through the Burning Times and beyond.
There is a wonderful pictorial element as well, she has archived many images from fine art to print and film. This book is worth buying if just for the artwork, but it also tells many recorded stories of folk who were accused of witchcraft or the like. I really like this quote where the author is describing her yearly attraction to dressing as a witch for Halloween: "At the age of ten I had no idea that I was shouldering centuries of oppression, judicial murder and high-minded mockery. Instead, I was attracted by the power of angry cursing and ill-tempered laughter, of forbidden knowledge, of fear. Bad-girl power."
A great addition to any witchy library.


mrsb said...

That definitely sounds like something I'd pick up!

Rapunzel said...

The book looks awesome! Thank so much for sharing, have just added it to my wish list.

Love your blog, looking forward to many more visits here.

This Guy said...

That looks like an awesome book! I will have to pick up a copy! :) You should have a look at the soul coaching book we are all gonna do and blog about, it seems amazing too! :) Im sure you could do a late start :)