Thursday, October 16, 2008

Art of the Month: October

Blanket of Stars, quilt, 2005

Cross view, Blanket of Stars, 2005

Detail, Blanket of Stars, 2005

This piece was a gift for a dear friend's daughter. I was new to quilting,(I still consider myself new to quilting) and was inspired by the idea of being wrapped in a quilt of stars. There is a mixture of hand embroidery, machine quilting and applique. It was a huge undertaking for me. To date it is the largest quilt that I have made. I work in a mixture of quilting and embroidery so bigger pieces are very time consuming. My friend's daughter enjoys the quilt and spent many of her younger days pointing and touching it. I hoped to make it tactile enough for a toddler and yet not so juvenile that she won't enjoy it as an adult.


mrsb said...

Wow, that's amazing! Beautiful work!

Anonymous said...

Good Morning! :)

It looks wonderful!!!!