Thursday, September 15, 2011

is it over yet?

Even though we are only a week and a day away from the Autumnal Equinox I find myself looking forward to Samhain and the turning of the wheel.  The "official" new year is still months away but this year is wearing on our family a bit.  2011 will be forever momentous as the year of Elliott's birth,  a wonderful day but even on that day sickness was with us.  We've (or more specifically Dave and Kyan) have had quite a year for illness.  In 2010 I strove to increase our health and for much of the year we were healthy.  Near the end though things started grabbing us and we spent each month of this year except July with some sort of cold, infection or stomach upset.  And I'm done with it.  I, like most parents I'm sure don't do well with illness.  Colds are tolerable but stomach things and fevers and infections....blah.  I can't help but go over all the things I didn't get done or should have maintained etc. in the land of what if's.  What if I'd given us better food this week?  What if I'd cleaned that sink sooner?  I know I can't blame myself and that sickness is a normal part of living and of being.  But I can't help but wonder how such a healthy child for his first two years has had such a bad third, riddled with illness.  Unlucky, or maybe it's just how years progress ebbing and flowing with health and illness.  Also as I write this I have a profound thankfulness for the fact that each of these sicknesses has been a virus or bacterial infection and we have not had to battle something more serious.  For the courageous parents that face severe disease in their family I salute you all.  One day at a time, one hour, one minute...the parenting motto that never stops being true.

Also this week I am so relieved about this,
Worried about this and still thinking about how good this was.

I've got some chicken soup starting on the stove and hope to be back in this space by the weekend if not before.

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