Friday, September 2, 2011

teeth & tantrums

This week has been about a rhythm that is slowly forming around our little nest.  Elliott's first teeth are slowly pushing through the gums, we are learning just how important a reliable bedtime is for Kyan's 3 year old self (hence the second t word in the title).  Dave is jogging on a regular schedule and I am working in sewing time and yoga time.  Kyan starts pre-school in a couple of weeks so we are clinging to the last few days of official summer.  This time of year always brings a sense of balance to me.
This year it is a groggy and often exhausted balance but I want to savor it none-the-less.  As the busy season of autumn approaches I can't help but turn to list making to help me.  This season is full of birthdays, outings, celebrations, making and buying gifts, and oh, so many firsts for the little guy.  To top it all off this year we will also have a wedding to attend and a milestone birthday party all in the same two week period as Yule, Solstice and Ky's birthday.  Oh and of course I want to plan Elliott's naming ceremony and do something for the Equinox this month.
It is hard to believe that we have been living in this home now for over a year and while things are coming along nicely in the decor and organizing department there is still a list of things to do in that regard as well.
Let's face it, I'll always have lists of things to do.....but between the lines of the lists is where the magical moments happen.  Every day around 4 pm I've been stopping the daily work and just laying on the floor playing with my kids.  I think we are all getting some grounding out of it.  Some rest and connection time before Dada gets home from his day.
We are reading more, listening to music more, watching less t.v and in some blissful moments sleeping more (or trying to).  I've been rediscovering old loves: swimming, dancing in the kitchen, and wearing pretty clothes that fit.  And dreaming of future possibilities once I have more "me" time.
I welcome you September in all your orange spice glory.  The wheel keeps turning us through and teaching us too.

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