Saturday, January 2, 2010


Hi everyone.

I took a bit of a break from blogland for a few weeks, soon I'll be caught up on all of your holiday doings. Our holidays have been great. Our west coast bones have been shocked from some seriously cold days but we tried to take advantage of the snowy wonders while we could. We fly home on Monday and so you can expect regular posts after the 4th. I wanted to share some pictures from our holidays...hopefully you aren't all holidayed out yet. Before we get to the images I wanted to welcome the new followers who have appeared over the last few weeks, thanks for joining me on this little journey.

I also wanted to share that the new Pagan Pages article is up. This month I wrote about flow in parenting as it relates to the element of water. And Angie at the Pagan Writers Community has posted an interview with me since Chasing Domestic Bliss is the featured blog there this month. I have a fun (hopefully) surprise for everyone next week, so Happy New Year and happy weekend to you all and I'll be back here on Tuesday.

Our Solstice table

Solstice fire

My parents who joined me despite the cold (my Dad built the fire for me) I am blessed with loving and supportive parents

A walk in the woods on a warmer day....only -5 Celsius

The blue moon on New Year's eve.


Rue said...

Great pics! Love that fire!

Glad you had some nice holidays. Heading over to read your article...

Bridgett said...

Your solstice table is beautiful!

I really enjoyed all the pictures.

Happy new year!