Friday, August 21, 2009


What a difference a day makes. Yesterday was hot and sunny, we were at the beach and I think the sun actually gave me a headache. Today we were at a park that also has a beach and well it was overcast and there was a cool was hard to believe that yesterday was so warm. I think that this type of rapid change really heralds the transition time of the seasons. Soon it will be cooler and the rains will come. We get a lot of rain here on the Northwest Pacific coast. Today I shared with my friend Sarah that I really want to encourage Kyan to get out in whatever weather may come. In doing that I of course will have to be there with him. If it's raining and it's outdoor time I just want to grab the rain gear and get out there. Yes, we may get cold but we can always come home to a warm house and get out of our wet clothing and be cozy. That is one of the best parts of the colder season. I feel like we made the best of our summer and we'll try and squeeze in a few more days of sun frolicking before socks and sweaters become the main stay again.
Here are a few photos from our last two days of fun.

...from sandcastles and

...sweaters and gray skies...

...but still lovely none-the-less...

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Anonymous said...

I am envious of your sandcastles! I didn't get to make one yet this year. I gave you an award at my blog. Wasn't sure if you had it already or not but didn't see it so...Have a great end of summer!