Tuesday, August 18, 2009

As the summer slips...

This week I am aware of summer slipping away. There are more leaves on the path through the small woods near the park, the days are still warm but are not light for as long....the August family birthday stream is here as well. 5 birthdays in two weeks. I am preparing a feast for my mother-in-law's birthday tomorrow. It seems that Lughnasad begins the feasts and they don't stop until Yule is over. It is a busy time but I'm trying to hold on to a bit of the lazy feel of summer. I want to get to the beach several more times before the days cool down too much.
Here is the poem of the month. I wrote it ten years ago or so now. It must have been a moment of clarity and future foresight for the 21 year old me.

Turning Wheels

There are flashes in the darkness
dots, lines, stripes,
They guide us through life
flash, buzz, ring
You wonder why they must be there
nag, bother, annoy
They push you, lose you somewhere
today, yesterday, before
And you ask why they control
you, life, everyone
Scarring you with their progress
lines, wrinkles, sags
Taking some things away
love, youth, memories
They give sometimes too
knowledge, patience, friendship
no one can stop them
hope, machines, anger
They move on and on
undeniably, without reason, forever...

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Moonstone said...

Wow that is a really moving and insightful poem and a lovely photo to go with it.
Thank you