Wednesday, August 5, 2009

For fire and words

I wanted to share two blogs that I think are really interesting. One I happen to be a member of and that is 19 Candles for Brighid. This blog follows the journey of ones called to tend Brighid's legendary flame. There are several online sites dedicated to joining flamekeepers together. This one has been organized by Susan of The Magical Earth fame.

"One of the traditions that has reemerged to honor both the goddess [Brighid] and saint is that of tending her flame. Legend has it that the flame was begun in Kildare, possibly on the site of an ancient temple which then became a convent. The flame was tended by 19 priestesses then eventually nuns, and it is said that on the 20th day Brigid herself tended the flame. Later, the church decided that this ritual was too Pagan and had the fire extinguished." (source)

There are still a few spots left if you are called to tend the flame from a sunset to sunset. The flame can be an actual one or one you hold within. Posts are not made frequently but they are thoughtful ones.

The second blog is one I discovered last night. For anyone who loves books and voyeurism this one is for you! Seen Reading is the brainchild of writer Julie Wilson who lives in Toronto. Four authors from across Canada observe readers out in public. They note a physical description, the book title, the page and then quote that page. And then from that passage they write a short piece. So interesting. And a great way to promote reading and books. I also feel that it is a testimonial to how nosy we all are in public. What's that lady reading? I wonder if she likes that book...or maybe I'm just happy that I'm not the only one observing/gawking at others in public.

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This Guy said...

Wow! Very cool blogs! Thanks so much for sharing! :)

Hope you are doing well over there ;) Take care! :)