Monday, August 6, 2012

Pagan Podcasts Revisited

Three years ago I wrote a post about the Pagan Podcasts that I was listening to at the time.  And I thought I should share a few more as well as point out that I have a page dedicated to all the podcasts I listen to above.  I love podcasts.  They are very practical for busy people and there are just so many things that I've gained from listening.  Way too many to list here.  But for those who are new to paganism or even veterans who haven't listened yet I urge you to give it a try.  Many of the podcasts I started listening to are now no longer podcasting but as all of us who frequent the internet know sometimes things endure and sometimes they fade away.  But the benefits certainly outweigh not giving it a try.  And if you don't find one that you like right away keep trying because there are tons out there.  Here is a list and short description of my current favorites in no specific order.

Druidcast - Damh the Bard hosts this cast put out by the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids once a month.  This cast has music, interviews, lectures and giveaways.   I have learned lots about Druidry with this cast and there are times when the music has been otherworldly good.

The Wigglian Way - Hosted by Mojo and Sparrow this podcast is a hometown favorite for me.  This show is full of personality and fun.  I like that the hosts are not afraid to be real.  I'm not a Wiccan like these two nor am I a Druid but listening to the experiences of other pagans walking their paths is very enriching for me.

Digging Nordic Roots - with Kari Tauring and friends has only two episodes but I really hope more are produced.  I am fascinated with Kari and her work with Runes.  So fascinated that I found her book and bought it.  You may notice a theme here that each cast deals with a different tradition and covers a wide spectrum of the pagan experience.  That is the beauty of this community - so much to learn and delve into.

Elemental Castings - T. Thorn Coyle's journey through the elements of life.  Each podcast centers on an element and then Thorn and her guest discuss how that element relates to their work, path and life.  Often Thorn will also share recordings of the panels she participates in when she travels to spiritual conferences around the world.

The Pagan Homesteader - If you love gardening, animals, Permaculture and homesteading then check this one out.  Rhianna Stone shares the goings on of her homestead, interviews, heritage animals and folktales.  This is about living life pagan rather than focusing solely on the spiritual side.

This is really the tip of the iceberg in pagan podcast land but have a look out there and find what suits you.  These podcasters put out their work for free and deserve our support.  What a resource for us all.  Please add any pagan podcast that you can't live without and why in the comments for all to find.

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