Sunday, July 29, 2012

Art of the Month: Simple Summer Projects

I have managed to get some sewing done so far this summer.  Not a huge amount but certainly more than last summer.  Taking on simple projects is good for the soul at this point.  Reminding me that I can get things done if I put my mind to it. Mostly I have to avoid the time suckers that surround me, the internet and t.v being the worst.  But sometimes the starts align and that is when I get to make stuff.

I found the plans for this storybook banner on Pinterest.  I had a book that I'd bought second hand for the boys only to discover that a page had been ripped out.  So I decided to keep it in case I could use it for collage or something since I loved the illustrations.  Then I happened on this idea and thought it would be cute for the boys room.  Elliott looks up at it every day points and makes animal sounds.  I like that it is very affordable to do as well and can be changed on a whim if we want to look at something else.

Here is my very own clothespin apron.  Making things for myself is rare but I was prompted by how practical this is and how happy I am to wear it while I hang out the laundry.  I made a few adjustments to this tutorial and since I'd made one already it came together well.  All the fabric was from my stash...I love using up what I already have.  Every time I do I think, soon I'll be able to get more....well, someday maybe not soon.

Next on the list is finishing up some small gifts and then it's on to finish Kyan's quilt.  I've only been working on it for about two years....but the deadline is Yule.  I may not sew anything for anyone else as a gift until this is done.  I must finish it.  I'm excited and also nervous about the challenge of finishing a real quilt.  But I keep focusing on how I'll feel when it's finished and I'm making his bed in the morning and smoothing it out and that feeling keeps me motivated.  Anyone else have some summer projects on the go?

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