Thursday, August 9, 2012

around here: summer 2012

Much has been done so far this summer.  A busy 10 days of family time has come to a close.  It included events and cousin bonding.   And in saying it's been busy I mean in the most full of summer way.  Ice cream, hot sunshine and being hometown tourists.

 boys always seem to bond best over vehicles of some sort.  whether they move or not.

we have taken in some local festivities but have left early for toddler bedtimes

discovered new places to revisit in the future

appreciated warm nights with lovely sunsets

admired the abundance of well tended gardens that aren't necessarily our own

and learned that reminders of the simple things are always needed whether young or older

That is what has been going on around here these last few weeks.  Much more celebrating and fun to come this month and we are preparing for our Summer Road Trip of 2012.  First big one for our family and it's coming up in 2 weeks.  I'm more than a little excited. 


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