Friday, August 17, 2012

a Quarters call

I wrote this for an esbat many moons ago.   It jumped into my mind's eye when Q came up this week for the Pagan Blog Project.

As the sun rises in the east
we call the properties of air to form the circle
Fly to us on Raven wings

As the sun warms the south
we call the properties of fire to form the circle
Travel to us on a sun ray, warm us as you warm the snake

As the sun sets in the west
we call the properties of water to form the circle
Swim to us with the noble turtle

As the sun sometimes never sets in the north
we call the properties of earth to form the circle
Run to us beside the majestic polar bear

As our center shines with our internal sun
we call the properties of spirit to form the circle
Bind us together with the grace of nature's energy

the circle is cast, we are between the worlds,
blessed be


Atlantic Muse said...

just wrote this out into a special book and admired its elegance. thanks.

Buddhagan said...

This is beautiful. Can I reblog with credit?