Thursday, July 19, 2012

Moo, Neigh, Baa and other sounds

It's been a while since I wrote about the boys; where they are right now.  Often I feel overwhelmed by them, they are so full of life and their ownness.  These last few days have been no exception.  I find the most unexpected thing about parenting two little souls is that it is almost impossible to make them both satisfied at once.  (Notice I didn't bother to say happy, please!)  When I get one a cracker and he seems placated the other takes exception to the sun in his eyes or some other random/freak occurrence and here we go again.
So often I'm just trying to keep some variant of peace in the chaos and remember the help that a laugh and tickle can have to remedy most situations.
Kyan, at over 4 and a half is full of questions, imagination and self-expression.  His days are filled with play including various t.v. characters or building elaborate train tracks.  He sings lots, loudly and has become a proud big brother explaining to everyone who his brother is.  Colouring is a daily activity too.  I marvel at his sweetness and how that manifests in him.  Contrasted by his not so sweet self on other occasions I've noticed that 4 is an age of opposites and defining self through lots of push and pull.  Be near me, now let me go type thing.
Elliott at 16 months is busy.  Words are coming and each week he has a new sound to try out.  First of the animal sounds was moo, last week neigh and today we moved on to baa.  Going out in public is challenging.  Screams and screeches replace any language inroads we've made and often results in difficult tantrums.  This guy likes animals and music and,  lucky for us, trains.  His teeth are almost done coming in and I still hold out hope that when they are done it will mean he sleeps longer.  Weaning is slow but happening as well.

I don't remember much about Kyan at this age.  I think it is due to the sleep deprivation I was experiencing then and that obviously has never stopped.  And while I'm not much of a mom who dresses her kids the same (see above's rare & cute example) I am trying my best to appreciate this time.  
This crazy, slow, fast, demanding time.

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greekwitch said...

Oh, you know what you just described would scare the crap out of me a year ago. Now, wanting to be a mom is not just part of my future it feels real inside, and everything you said, the picture, even the sleep deprivation part seem wonderful. Crazy difficult and challenging, but so wonderful! They look so good together and happy. From where i stand you are doing an excellent job.