Thursday, July 12, 2012

Tales from my Garden

With the arrival of the sun my sauna-like conditions on the patio went into high gear.  Besides drying laundry in record time I also have my tomatoes in for trial number 3.  So far suckers have been removed and blossoms are not falling off.  The container gardening course I took in May gave me some great tips about keeping the pots moist all day so hopefully I'll be rewarded with some tasty tomatoes eventually.

Peas are growing bigger and trying to hang on in the heat.  I'm trying to let the shelling peas mature as much as I can before I harvest them.  The snap peas are a living snack as you go by.

  I'm onto my second harvest of rhubarb so far from the front plot.  I think there will be at least one more run and strawberry rhubarb jam is the result this time.  I hope to freeze the remainder for some winter muffins or crisps.
I didn't plant much in terms of flowers this year since our roof is being redone and debris could damage them.  But there is a little bit of colour out there and it always brings a delight to the eye.

So far this year my little garden is as happy as it can be.  How does your garden grow?


Coffee Gypsy said...

my tomatoes are so lanky and unhealthy looking. I love them so much, it hurts my heart to see them so spindly--your tomatoes look like alien beings I compare them to mine! They look glorious.

Atlantic Muse said...

I just got an extra deck chair on sale for my porch! I picked up a ton of impatients on sale a few weeks ago and I'm really loving the feeling of having a fresh & beautiful place to go and relax.
My CSA is provided all the veggies I could possibly eat along with fruit/berries & organic free run eggs. I feel blessed here too.