Friday, July 27, 2012

Ocean Ritual

As a water sign I feel compelled to visit and connect with my element often.  It can be as simple as standing beside a stream or feeling the rain on my skin; but sometimes I need a bit more.  A few years ago I wrote this ritual for a friend and I to do together while camping on a lovely island in the Pacific ocean.  As two depleted mamas you can imagine what we were asking for from the waves but anyone needing to connect to water could use this ritual and adapt it as necessary.

We sat in the ocean in sacred space, the tide was coming in which created a beautiful movement for us.  Rocking us gently.  I would recommend being as close to the water as you can when you do this.  Summer is of course a great time to be immersed in cleansing waves.

Before beginning ground and center in which ever manner you are accustomed to.  Cast a circle if that is your normal practice or if the circumstances are favorable for it.

The Water holds our emotions
we ask for cleansing
we ask for healing
we ask for rest
we ask for calm
we ask for release

Great Mother Ocean please share with us your wisdom and strength
Please help us as we mother
help us to flow and move like the waves
help us to soothe others but not deplete ourselves

After these words evoke a rhythm with singing or chanting.  We sang the song in this post which I wrote years ago.  But any song or chant about water will work.

Great Mother we offer you ___________ today and thank you for your love and abundance.  
Blessed Be.

Though this is short and simple we sat for over an hour in the waves.  Connecting with the water and it's healing powers is the key. 

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Sapphire said...

I really like this. It's simple, beautiful and poignant, but still speaks wonderfully to honor the connection between human, water, and divine. I might have to borrow this next time I'm near the sea ;)